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China Forestry is a leading forestry company in china with tremendous growth potenial.

China Forestry is a leading forestry company in China with tremendous growth potential.

China possesses the fifth largest forested area in the world, after Russia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. However, China’s forest area per capita averages only 0.2 hectares, just one-third of the world average. We expect to engage in more opportunities for forest acquisitions in China in order to expand our harvesting potential.

The corporate mission is to become a highly profitable yet socially responsible and environmentally-conscious company by applying modern forestry science and technology to our operations. We believe in achieving a balance between harvesting forest resources and conserving the ecosystem. We have built a good reputation by committing to environment protection and keeping our promises to local communities. This has helped us to acquire business permits and has given us a competitive edge over other companies when expanding our business to new regions and acquiring new forests.

Looking forward, we will generate new revenue sources by capturing new business opportunities. The Group will continue to manage its trading business to increase revenue and profit. In addition, we will engage in the physical trading of timber logs and we have implemented comprehensive policies to control the risks involved. In order to capture the value chain of the forestry industry, China Forestry plans to expand into the downstream wood processing sector. Moreover, China Forestry is adopting a prudent approach to making additional acquisitions of forestry reserves. Continued efforts will be made to enhance internal controls.

With the full support of our reputable strategic shareholders, Carlyle Partners and the Partners Group, and our experienced management team, we will continue to engage in our forestry business in a socially responsible and environmentally-conscious manner to ensure sustainable growth of forest resources while maximizing returns for our shareholders.