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In China Forestry Holdings Co., Ltd.

China Forestry Holdings Co., Ltd. (00930) was listed in Hong Kong in December 2009, its core business is to develop forest resources and conduct research on forestry science and technology. The Company also makes dedication to the research on the sustainable development strategy of the modern forestry. China Forestry Holdings Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has subsidiaries in Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.

We need to recruit talents with open mind and thirst for knowledge, to make development and lead innovation with us.

Corporate Mission

The Company’s mission is to apply modern forestry science and technology to accomplish the sustainable development strategy on the forest resources, carry on building of the beautiful environment for human society, and maintain the ecological balance, and build an ideal platform for the people's living. The Company will make best use of modern technology to create tomorrow's ideals – finite energy resources, unlimited utilization.

In return, the Company will gain a leading market position and growing profits, to achieve common prosperity for our employees, shareholders, and the society where we live and work.

Corporate Core Values:

  • The core values that the Company stresses include the following:
  • Green industry (ecology, sustainability, and tomorrow)
  • Transparent work (open, fair, and justice)
  • Spirit of innovation
  • Law-abiding
  • Respect and trust.
Working place: Yun'nan, Sichuan and Guizhou

Position: Resource Specialist      Number of hiring: Open

Main responsibilities:

  1. To help collect and sort out forestry regulations at national and local levels and keep optimizing forest investigation and planning techniques as for practice during work.
  2. To assist the supervisor with on-site investigation of the forestry land to be purchased, collect basic information on the terrain of the woodland including longitude and latitude, contour map, area and distance, identify the local market conditions for woodland, its price level, supply and demand, complete value analysis of woodland, identify its market price and come up with an investigation report.
  3. To assist the branches with the implementation of three prevention measures for woodland to secure the value growth of the Company’s woodland property.
  4. To complete tasks and arrangements assigned by  supervisors, department heads and company leaders.
  5. To coordinate actively with other departments to give professional supports for business.

Job Requirements:

  1. College graduates or above in forestry service.
  2. Extensive knowledge of forestry and its investigation practices.
  3. General understanding of forestry market.
  4. Capable of field work in forests.
  5. Strong analytical skills in handling data and good at writing investigation reports.
  6. Strong communication skills, hard-working with team spirit.
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Working place: Beijing

Position: Timber Sales Specialist      Number of hiring: Open

Main responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for sales of raw timbers and lumbers.
  2. To develop and maintain new customers.
  3. To investigate market of relative product and timely feedback to the company.

Job Requirements:

  1. With more than 3 years working experience in timber sales.
  2. With some knowledge about timber sales in domestic market.
  3. With some knowledge about timber.
  4. Persons familiar with the Manzhouli timber market preferred.
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